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Business Tips – Improve your selling – help your prospect get what they NEED

images/BusinessTips.JPGSelling can either freeze you or excite you – and for many its FREEZE or Repel!

Here are some tips and ways to be empathetic and LISTEN when selling!

A good summary method is – ASK, TELL, ASK -

1)   ASK questions, and LISTEN TO THE FACTS
Example if you get "We're okay for SEO" it doesn’t mean they aren’t interested if you have a better option – so ASK questions – “is it working as you hoped?” “are you looking to improve the result?” “If we could increase your results above the current outcome, but with no cost to you if it fails, can I explain how that is possible?” Think of 2-3 other back-up questions. Measure which questions work the best and start to use those FIRST – it will improve your results! Test and Measure!

This goes hand-in-hand with digging/probing for objections and client needs. Sometimes prospective clients are just waiting for the salesperson to say the right thing... Sometimes the prospect IS in the market, and they have done a load of research... They're just waiting for that one little keyword to make their ears stand up. But heck - they're not just going to GIVE you the sale... Are you serious?? It is YOUR job to discover what tickles their fancy.. For me - If they're good - if they ask and say all the right things and actually spark my interest, I will consider and take them seriously. That's what I want. That's weird. So what does the next guy/girl want? Don't assume you know... Pay attention.

If you choose to believe a fob-off "objection" from clients (e.g. "We're fine for SEO thanks"), you are wasting your time, and simply won't get anywhere. If you continue to buy in to the fob-offs you are served, you will have to go through more and more calls and not get anywhere... How will you hit your target? BE REALISTIC and do not give up until you have unearthed a REAL reason, keep asking questions – find a REAL objection to overcome. If it's real, you've done your job - fine. The key is ASK questions!

c)     DIG,DIG,DIG!
If somebody says "NO" to you, or gives you a fob-off response, there is ALWAYS a reason. It may not be a good one - it may be "I am scared of salespeople and don't want to be sold" or "I am busting for the toilet, but can't tell you that!" - but there is ALWAYS a reason. Your job is to A) read between the lines to determine whether or not the objection given is actually realistic and B) Dig up the REAL objection... Rookies shy away from objections, but you WANT the REAL reasons why somebody doesn't want to buy, so you can overcome it and CLOSE THE DEAL. So how do you dig? Keep asking questions... Questions that have purpose.

2)   TELLTell them what you heard

Say – “let ‘s ensure I understand what you are saying – at the moment…” or “This is how I hear what you have said…”

a)     HAVE YOU HEARD CORRECTLY? Are they agreeing with your understanding?

b)     If not - Listen again and ask more questions. Work hard to have clarity

c)     If they agree you heard them correctly, go to 3) next

3)   ASKWhen would you like to do this / buy this / start this? Ask for the sale – or if not now – when would they expect to be able to move forward with this? When may you be in a position to consider your offer? – next week, 3 months, 6 months?

When a salesperson doesn't persist, it shows lack of passion... Lack of faith in their product/service, and lack of belief that this product/service can solve a problem for their prospect. Furthermore, when a salesperson gives up on a prospect too quickly, it sends the message to the prospect that they are just another number. Sure, persistence can be naggy and annoying, but lack of persistence can strike a salesperson or brand/business off the prospects list forever. SHOW PASSION!

It is not your job to say 'NO' on behalf of your prospect. If you're going to assume anything, assume the sale. (*With the exception of abusive prospects... Hang-up with gusto!)

What is your experience or challenge?

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Accounting Software Australia, MYOB, Quickbooks, accounts software, bookkeeping software



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Accounting Software Australia, MYOB, Quickbooks, accounts software, bookkeeping software
Accounting Software Australia, MYOB, Quickbooks, accounts software, bookkeeping software
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